Application Form For grant of loan from the Non-Teaching Employees Welfare Fund.

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कर्मचारी कोड
Personal Details
Applicant Full Name
Permanant Address
Office Name
Date of Birth
Mobile No.
Select Department
Select Designation
Appointment Date
Retirement Date
Employee Status
Salary Details
Basic Salary
D.A. / D.P.
Other Salary
Total Gross Salary
Salary Deduction Details
Total Deduction RS.
Net Payable Rs.
Loan Details
Loan Amount
Total Installment
Particulars of Loan
The purpose for which the loan is required
Surety Details
Name of the Surety
Designation of the Surety
Date of Appointment
Date of Superannuation
Address of Surety
Name of the dependents, thir relation with the applicant and age.
Enter Name
Enter Relation
Enter Age
Name of the dependent in whose favour nominations have been in the declaration form in respect of retirement benefits.(Names to be given in order of preferences and the share of each).
Enter Name
Address of Nominies